All PHYTOSANITARY Procedures for Exported Goods latest updated in 2024

I. What is phytosanitary for exported goods

Export phytosanitary is a State management task that requires inspection of goods to prevent dangerous diseases affecting plants (such as viruses, insects or pathogens), avoiding spread between countries or regions together, as well as proving that the goods meet the conditions for export to foreign countries.
For some types of goods, this is a mandatory regulation. If the shipment is on the list of mandatory phytosanitary without documents to prove it, it will be forced to stop when going through customs procedures.
Phytosanitary Certificate in Vietnamese
Phytosanitary Certificate in Vietnamese

II. Which products needs phytosanitary certificate?

Some products that require phytosanitary certificate when exported and required by the importing country include: agricultural products, crops, vegetables, fruits, wood, trees and some products originating from other plants,…

III. Getting phytosanitary certificate procedures for export

Step 1: Register an account

The exporting enterprise or the party providing outsourced forwarder services will register at the new account registration office of the plant quarantine agency (REGIONAL PHYTOSANITARY DEPARTMENT), and will be given 2 forms including: sample account registration information (wait 1 day for account activation) and phytosanitary certificate registration form.

Step 2: Register orders

The exporting enterprise or authorized service provider will register for plant quarantine 1-2 days before the ship departs with the regional phytosanitary agency.
Registration documents will include:
Phytosanitary certificate registration for export or re-export
Original Phytosanitary Certificate of the exporting country (in case of re-export);
Goods purchase contract (mandatory), bill of lading, invoice, packing list (if any);
Authorization letter of the goods owner (if the registering party is authorized by the goods owner).
Individuals and businesses should check to see which category the product belongs to, to write down the quarantine amount in advance on the application form.
After the application has met the requirements, you must go to the accounting department of the phytosanitary agency to pay the quarantine fee.

Step 3: Carry out inspection procedures to take samples of shipments

Depending on the exported goods and the requirements of the importing country, the agency will conduct inspection of the goods
Inspect the object
Based on the results of document inspection, the agency decides on the quarantine location at the production facility, place of origin, and deep storage place.

Step 4: Issue the Phytosanitary Certificate

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Phytosanitary Certificate
Phytosanitary Certificate
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